Neonatal Developmental Care  
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Customer Testimonials

“These training tools demonstrate, in a concrete manner, the principles of developmental care as they apply to neonates. With up-to-date information on developmentally supportive practices in the NICU, these CDs provide a great way to train without an expert in your nursery or group!”
Katherine M. Jorgenson R.N.C., M.S.N./M.B.A., Hon.D.

“ The research is compelling that Developmental Care makes a difference in the short- and long-term outcomes of prematurely born infants. This confirms what our hearts have always known, that how an individual is treated at the very beginning of life matters.

What we need now is practical information on how to transfer this knowledge into practice in the busy life of the NICU. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth ten thousand. These Neonatal Developmental Care CDs will provide you and your staff with real-time examples of developmentally supportive care-giving practices in action as well as evidenced-base references for each principle. This is the teaching aid on Neonatal Developmental Care you have been waiting for!

Now that we have learned how to save the lives of very premature infants, it is time we learn how to protect their brains and increase the quality of their lives, both in the NICU and beyond. The principles learned in these CDs will make a difference in the lives of prematurely born infants that will impact their futures and last a lifetime. ”
Raylene M. Phillips, MD, MA, IBCLC, NIDCAP Certified (in California)

Neonatal Developmental Care